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Infrastructure spacieuse propre moderne 

1500m2,  4 Zones d'entrainement, XENIOS USA Brand Ambassador, 30 Rack à Squat, 45 barres d'haltérophilie, 32 paires d'anneaux, 19 Cordes,

30 ERGO, Turf 20m, Sleds, Log Bar, Trap Bar, Slam Ball, Sand Bags, Farmer carry, Peg Board...

Spécialités: Haltérophilie Gymnastique / Cardio / Kids / Teens / Compétiton


    Born in the United States in the  garage of a former gymnast: Greg Glassman,  CrossFit was originally used to train

Santa Cruz Police forces in California. This is where the first officially affiliated CrossFit "Box" was established in 1995.

    CrossFit Inc. company was created in 2000 in order to develop and publicize this new method around the world. The success met is then dazzling in view of the effectiveness of this practice and the results obtained.

     In France It was only in 2011 that the first CrossFit "Box" opened, since then this discipline continues to gain new followers and the number of affiliated "Box" continues to increase with more than 650 CrossFit Affiliations in 2019!  A dazzling development which is certainly not the fruit of chance but the demonstration that this "new" way of doing sport pleases  more and more to the French.

What is Crossfit?

    CrossFit is a sports discipline that meets the needs of the human body, a very simple method of physical conditioning because it  uses  so-called FUNCTIONAL movements  : Running, jumping, pushing, throwing, climbing,  pulling ... The goal is to create a movement with the whole body and not a single muscle, working in isolation.


     These functional movements that we use in CrossFit are simple movements and especially useful movements that will allow you for example:

     Avoid hurting yourself: lifting a load correctly (the furniture from the move of the brother-in-law)   

To face an emergency situation:  rescue and move a person in danger (traffic accident)

Daily situations:  run with a load in your hands (your suitcase so you don't miss your train)


     This will also allow you to  maintain good amplitude and autonomy over time  on basic movements such than to sit down, to bend down, to climb the stairs,  lifting your little daughter at arm's length ...  


     We will then bring INTENSITY  to these movements (number of repetitions, duration, load ...) in order to obtain good results and allow everyone to meet their fitness goals and health  

    The last thing that is  important in CrossFit is to do CONSTANTLY VARIED exercises   in order to take our body and mind constantly by surprise !

Each training of the day "WOD" (Workout Of Day) developed by your coach will be different from the one of the day before and you will have to  face this training, as you would face a situation in your everyday life. You will emerge stronger mentally and physically  !



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