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Our mission



      Our mission is to allow you to reach your fitness and health goals whatever your starting level, and that in complete safety thanks to permanent coaching! At the gym you won't be left to yourself in a room with a program on a sheet of paper that you have to follow in your corner with your headphones on your ears without anyone talking to you. The methodology we use, CrossFit, is above all, a method based on human values such as mutual aid, camaraderie, a taste for effort and surpassing oneself, values which are dear to us at the Gymnase.  


     We will do everything to help you achieve your goals! Whether it's weight loss, muscle building, physical preparation for a specific sport or just feeling better and erasing the various aches and pains you may have due to the inevitable ravages of time or a lack of activity (back pain, lack of flexibility, rapid shortness of breath, etc.)


      We will be frank with you: there is no miracle recipe and we do not agree with those who will tell you that you are going to lose weight, be in better health, or even gain in performance by swallowing pills and plugging a device into a part of your body. At The Gymnase we will give you a taste for effort and surpassing oneself. In addition to coming out stronger physically, we guarantee that your mental strength will then be foolproof, thus preparing you for the various trials in everyone's life on days whether at work or at home.  


      Know that you will never be too fat, too thin, too old, too tall, too small to come join us and change your lifestyle, to reach / regain a level of shape and health according to your needs. We don't just cater to great sportsmen, athletes, men with 8-piece abs or  to women with an extra flat stomach, but to all of you!

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